Back in my day, during high school we attended shop class and learned how to use basic wood working tools to carve and cut wood with instruments and hand tools.  Today its amazing to see more and more schools, universities, and other tech schools and even libraries take advantage of laser cutting machines.  The reality is that laser cutters for schools  and educational institutions is growing in popularity.  It offers students the ability to work with graphics programs and laser technology in a simple and typically safe environment.

You wouldn’t think of laser cutters being found in libraries but we’re finding it more and more prevalent inside of more and more libraries and learning institutions open to the general public.  Of course there is money to be made but the benefit is that for as little as $20 an  hour you can rent a CO2 laser engraver or cutter as opposed to paying tens of thousands.

Most industries today could probably make use of  a laser machine in some way shape or form regardless of what niche their business serves.  “Most people and industries are still not aware of the benefits of laser machinery”, says Jackson a service tech at Boss Laser.   “They may have heard or even seen a laser but since they’ve really only become popular within the last decade for small business and hobbyist most still dont understand the technology.

High schools and Universities are well aware of the learning benefits of these machines.  Not only do students learning the mechanics but they also get to learn how to utilize a graphics program that interfaces with the machine.  One such company Boss Laser says the great thing with laser machines is that the learning occurs while the students are having fun.

As an example today, Rice University recently purchase large platform laser cutters and have been able to rent to students on an ongoing basis.  If students want to stay on top of modern industry and technology laser cutting is going to have to become more and more part of our learning curriculum. We can teach it in theory but practicing and working with laser cutting technology will win them over for life.